Energize Eastside

What can we do? Help us convince the city council to advocate now for a different 2035 Vision and find a path to new technology including the increased reliability of undergrounding. Other areas of the country are finding affordable means to accomplish this now. A National survey by Costco recently resulted in 82 % in favor of requiring utilities to bury power lines. New methods of undergrounding insert lines in a plastic tube to facilitate maintenance. Why is this difficult? Existing Washington State Laws have tariffs that present huge economic barriers. Currently, property owners along the line must pay for all undergrounding even when it benefits many others. In the case of the 230,000 Volt Transmission Line, about 1500 property owners would be required to pay for the benefit of the 1,100,000 PSE customers. We need to be equitable! Consider joining CENSE.ORG to help bring about needed change.

The BTCC Board voted to donated $1000 to the Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy (CENSE). This donation will help CENSE pay for ongoing operations of the CENSE website and other day to day expenses. CENSE has gathered an impressive team of engineers, finance professionals and other interested residents who have analyzed data about the proposed PSE project. The CENSE team has spent hundreds of hours on the issue and sought and reviewed information from many sources and agencies. The proposed PSE project is a big project and needs to be well understood by residents and the City before committing our dollars to it. We thank CENSE for their work and commitment to the community


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