About Us
The Bridle Trails Community Club mission is to protect, enhance and preserve the existing residential and equestrian character of the Bridle Trails area.  The BTCC engages with the City of Bellevue and other appropriate entities on matters relevant to the residents of the Bridle Trails subarea and the local community.
Examples of topics the BTCC engages on:
  • Transportation
  • Resident Health and Safety
  • Park Preservation
  • Tree Canopy Maintenance and Preservation
  • Commercial Development
  • Power Outage Prevention and PSE Emergency Response
  • Commercial Expansion
  • Road and Neighborhood Improvements
  • Equestrian Preservation
More than 20 years ago The BTCC organized a committee and worked with other neighborhoods in Bellevue to convince the City that group homes should only be
allowed in appropriate zones in the City. 

More than 15 years ago BTCC members were appointed to a Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) to review the proposed plans to build a freeway ramp at 130th. After months of study and review of hundreds of documents, CAG advised against placing a freeway ramp at 130th.

More than 10 years ago, BTCC's over five years of work with the City of Bellevue to prevent clear cutting on large lots, resulted in the City Council approving a Tree Retention Plan for Bridle Trails (March 20, 2006). The Plan applies to approximately 900 R1 lots (35,000 square feet minimum lot size) in the Bridle Trails Subarea. The Ordinance is intended to prevent arbitrary clear cutting while giving the homeowner flexibility for normal homeowner remodeling, equestrian projects, sport courts etc. The intent is to preserve the unique wooded character of Bridle Trails. 

Recently our volunteers were active in the Sound Transit Maintenance site selection process and were instrumental in helping avoid the 520 site.

BTCC was a strong partner in helping acquire and develop The Bridle Trails Corner Park.

BTCC has continued to instrumental in Bridle Trails Levy Project. BTCC has an active role in the acquisition and development of a new park at 4432 140th Ave NE.

The BTCC has a history of organizing the community to address all types of issues. If you would like to share more BTCC history notes for our newsletters, contact a board member.

The Bridle Trails Community is located near Bridle Trails State Park in Bellevue, WA and Kirkland, WA
Bridle Trails Community Club • 6619 132nd Ave. N.E. #133 • Kirkland, WA 98033
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