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BelRed Railroads: Old and New, Rails and Trails Uncovered

 The Rover

Are there plans for the abandoned RR track?
Old RR, New Trails, New Light Rail in BelRed

This is a great question from one of our members. Here is a peek at what is going on in West BelRed with the old and new rails.

Major trails are in the plans for BelRed. E-W is the City of Bellevue's BelRed Greenway, and N-S is King County's Eastside Rail Corridor. Both of these trails connect and enhance the Sound Transit light rail system.

E-W Trails
While not funded, the City of Bellevue parks is looking at several trail projects in the BelRed area
According to the BelRed Subarea Plan, the goal for parks and open space is “to create a robust, aesthetically beautiful, and functional parks and open space system that serves the needs of Bel-Red and the broader community, and that connects with and complements the larger Bellevue parks and open space system.” 

N-S Trails
King County is creating a regional trail from Renton to Woodinville called the Eastside Rail Corridor or ERC. While Kirkland owns its portion of the trail, King County owns the portion of the NS railroad tracks through Bellevue. The City will work with King County on the entrances and exits to the trail.

In the BelRed area, the ERC follows the BNF rail lines.

Video      Storymap
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Sound Transit's maintenance center site for the Eastside runs along the east side of the trail, flanked by AutoNation properties. The north one is the old Lowes, which will become BMW. 

Within the Sound Transit owned site, affordable housing and perhaps a Year -round Emergency Men's Shelter is planned S of the OMFE buildings.

E-W Rails: ST

Here is a simple map of Sound Transit for BelRed. After going under a bridge at 120th, the train will travel in an open but below grade channel. It will be elevated at the park property and being to compete with street traffic at 130th.

Land Overview

Here is a map of the city and county owned property in BelRed. Sound Transit property is not shown.



http://www.kingcounty.gov/services/parks-recreation/parks/trails/regional-trails/popular-trails/eastside-rail-corridor.aspx#Trail Neighbor Resources


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